Leaders and teams come to me for help navigating chaos and change with emotional fortitude.

With over 20 years of international experience and collaborations with brands like Aviva, Telus, The City of Calgary, TedX, and Financial Times, I blend real-life wisdom with practical tools, ensuring lasting impact.


In today's post-pandemic landscape, resilience, employee well-being, burnout, RTO/WFH, rapid adaptation to change, emotional health and wellness, communication are top of mind across sectors and departments.


The workplace is an environment full of people, and the very human feelings and experiences we bring with us.


Cultivating community as the catalyst for people-centred productivity and efficiencies is something all teams in all departments in all sectors of all sizes are struggling to navigate in our post-pandemic world, and everyone has had it with motivational speeches that give a good group dopamine high in the moment, and wear off as soon as our feet leave the conference room.


I have been bringing my unique style of inspired action speaking to large and small groups across North America for the past 20 years.


If your team craves inspiration backed up with real life, practical, and actionable tools to takeaway - delivered in a way that is entertaining, engaging, and light hearted enough to get across the board buy in, you’ve come to the right spot.


Let’s book a Chemistry Call and figure out how we can empower your team with solutions that resonate, endure, and make a meaningful difference, together.

Selcted Keynotes Include (but are by no means limited to):

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Speaker Bio

As a passionate speaker, 2x best selling international author, cancer survivor, and results-focused strategic life and business coach, Leisse works with purpose-driven leaders, executives, and teams who are ready for action beyond inspiration.

Everyone is self-sabotaging in some area of their business, especially in their relationship with money: whether it feels like a struggle to make it, keep it, or enjoy it, our relationship with money affects our relationship with family, intimacy, and ourselves.

As an industry expert who turns self-sabotage into success in each of those foundational areas, Leisse combines the best of strategic business coaching and therapeutic life coaching tools to simplify, strategize, and scale sustainably. As an integrity-driven leader, she is living proof of how to realistically build a life-centred career that sustainably reflects your purpose while respecting the constantly changing - and often elusive - balance and blend of life and work.

Leisse built her first multiple six figure business while navigating cancer, a complex divorce, the fallout of emotional and financial abuse, and solo parenting three young girls. She has been featured in media including Entrepreneur, Financial Post, Yahoo Finance, Refinery 29, CNN, Elephant Journal, the Toronto Star, CBC, Thrive Global, and more, and resides with her husband and three daughters in a tiny beachfront town.

No stranger to resiliency, reinvention, and staring over at any age, she knows intimately that every relationship we have - in business, life, love, and money - is built on the foundation of the relationship we have with ourselves.

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