Since 2015, and across the world from New York to Los Angeles, Salt Lake City to Johannesburg, and Copenhagen to San Antonio, I have helped clients do things like:

  • Naviate the emotional roller coaster of a multiple 7-figure succession plan
  • Have financial conversations with their partner that don’t end in a fight
  • Recover from being “cancelled” and move forward in their life and career
  • Get back on their feet post divorce and health crisis
  • Create a manageable plan to be present at home amidst the demand of a high pressure job - and sole provider salary

Tom, a 47 year old CMO in the personal finance industry, came to me after the sudden closure of his FinTech startup. Facing the reality of being mid-life, mid-divorce, and mid-career change, he wanted to reclaim a sense of purpose and direction again after so many massive events that found him in an emotional spiral of not knowing what to do next.


We went back to basics to revisit his core personal values and origin story of what “success” looked like according to the male influences in his early life that had informed so much of his decision making.


By the end of our time together Tom had tapped back into his own sense of success and confidence to make the necessary changes in his life to get back on track in his personal and professional life. He is now remarried with a son, firmly re-rooted in financial writing.

Elizabeth was absolutely crushing it in her post- MBA career as a CHRO, ultimately working her way up - 80 hours a week - to the C Suite of a global media company.


Approaching 50, she had had two significant and back to back health crises, on top of losing a beloved family member. All of a sudden the accolades and personal definition through her work and career seemed to matter so much less.


She found most of the messaging in the personal development world to be focused on “dreaming bigger,” or “doing more,” all she wanted to do was live a quiet, present, and “small” life that allowed her to do less. Elizabeth found it difficult to do less amongst the culture of hustle and climb, and wanted to be able to tune out - then tune in.


Together we defined what “enough” would look and feel like, giving her permission to re-write her own version of success and happiness, focusing on establishing (and following through on) the boundaries that would allow her to prioritize the people and commitments in her life that made her feel grounded and content.

Chris grew up feeling like he was always second best; constantly being compared to his brothers and classmates, he had an unshakeable sense of “not enough” that informed his drive and decision to pursue a PhD in psychology.


Even as a passionate, popular professor and researcher at one of North America’s most prestigious universities, the quiet voice of imposter syndrome followed him around, causing a sense of personal professional failure and listlessness, even while at the top.


Working together, we were able to figure out what his vision of success looked like, opening opportunities to pursue creative and entrepreneurial endeavours on the side of his academic work. Laser focusing on his confidence and inner dialogue, Chris was able - finally - to stand confidently in what he had to offer and end the inner need to constantly compare himself to others, bringing him a renewed sense of freedom and pride.

Jeanine ran a very successful appraisal business, fueled by her love of real estate. Her transition to motherhood was a powerful one, and set a new paradigm for how she wanted to spend her time, creating a blend of being present both at home and at work.


As the primary income earner, she felt a lot of pressure to perform, over deliver, and put everyone else ahead of her. This created an internal dialogue that she was always the giver, and never the receiver, leading her to feel completely exhausted, on the brink of burning out.


Having navigated - and recovered from - several major financial obstacles, Jeanine had a passion for teaching women how to use real estate as an investment vehicle, but found herself drained of energy, and the confidence to make this dream a reality.


We worked together to very clearly align her lifestyle with her values, creating a clear framework for how she wanted the next 40 years of her life to feel like. We were able to build up her communication skills (at home and in business) to clearly declare her wants, needs, and “no’s.”


Having that level of self-assuredness allowed her to delegate more effectively, and create the space she craved to launch her investment women-centred investment opportunities, while remaining a present and engaged mom of teens. Her husband was so inspired by her growth in her time together that by the time we had finished, he too had already signed up for coaching for himself.

Fiona came into her family’s manufacturing business in her early 20’s, working her way up through the company’s evolution into a multi-million dollar empire. Although she wore the hats of both CEO and COO in practice, on paper she was the manager - being underpaid significantly for the scope of her role in the massive growth in revenue over a 15 year period.


As is often the case for family enterprise, the lines were always a little muddy, with no one being quite sure if they were in their work or home role at either work or family events, which really started to complicate things once her father and founder became interested in retiring, and selling the company.


Our work together was focused on first getting a crystal clear vision of what she wanted - not what she thought she “should” want or what was expected of her. We simplified and streamlined her role at the company, and negotiated a salary commensurate with what a fair executive salary would be. Then, we “cleaned up” and disentangled the roles of daughter and exec, putting new boundaries in place that allowed the separation of church and state as it were.


In doing so, Fiona became incredibly confident in her ability to lead - and purchase - the company. We worked on communication strategies that supported her as a serious investor, daughter, partner, and mom of three, enabling her to ultimately begin the ling process of buying out her family shares and taking over the business she had worked so long to develop.

In my near decade of coaching leaders and executives, it never ceases to amaze me how common the themes are in our human-ness.


Each of us - even the ones at the very top of the mountain - have the need to know and be known, see and be seen. As simple as it sounds, having a crystal clear vision of what you want, how you want to feel, and how that lines up with your core values is the key to unlocking and unleashing your own personal power.


I could share a hundred more of these stories, and one thing would remain true across all: each of these clients trusted me to allow them totrust themselves in claiming what they knew was already their’s, and taking inspired action to make it their reality.

Are you ready for your own inner revolution?

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