Hi, I'm Leisse Wilcox

(think: new LEISSE on life), an international executive coach with a specialized focus on values-based leadership and emotional intelligence.


I am an Emotional Intelligence Expert who helps global leaders and teams navigate chaos and change by building workplaces that people love to be in.


Trusted by brands like Yahoo! Finance, Telus, Aviva, NPR, CBC, Entrepreneur, and Financial Times, I am known as “the Marie Kondo of your Unconscious.”



+ an engaging and dynamic speaker

+ high impact coach

+ twice-bestselling author


I am the EI Expert you want in your corner to shake up old approaches to workplace efficiency by putting people first - using practical and results-focused strategies for improving communication, emotional fortitude, and resilience.


With a 100% proven track record of success coaching the entire C suite and high achieving entrepreneurs since 2015, I combine results-focused strategies with invaluable communication tools to dismantle the roadblocks in each of the cornerstone pillars of your world.

When I'm not lighting up the stage, the page, or the internet, you can find me listening to Taylor Swift with my three tween daughters, roadtripping for tacos with my husband, or on the couch watching HBO with my dog.



Having earned a blackbelt in resilience through overcoming obstacles including abuse, divorce, single parenting three girls, sobriety, entrepreneurship, and cancer, I am an experienced executive coach with a diverse skill set, known for my values-based approach and expertise in emotional intelligence techniques. 


With a background in adult education and strategic life / business coaching, I help business leaders achieve their goals on an accelerated timeline by providing strategic guidance and support.


As the founder of my own international coaching practice in 2015, splitting my time between Toronto (ish) and New York, I employ trauma informed techniques rooted in self-awareness and emotional intelligence to empower each and every one of my clients. I help them discover their:

  • personal agency and influence
  • impact of habits of mind, internal dialogue, and belief system on their outlook
  • Self sabotaging blocks to results and communication
  • refined purpose and enjoyment in a healthy blend of life and work

By improving self-advocacy, productivity, and job satisfaction, I enable my clients to navigate stress and cultivate mindfulness, focus, and empathy.


This is the magic formula that strengthens relationships, inter-personal engagement, well-being, and performance, while also developing your sense of self-agency and inner coaching for long-term success.


Since establishing my international coaching practice in 2015, I've been committed to accelerating your journey to professional success through targeted strategic guidance.

By working with me, you get to move beyond short-term gains and develop the internal resources and self-agency needed for sustained, long-term success. 

Ready to elevate your leadership game?

"Within ourselves we all have the gifts and talents we need to fulfill the purpose we’ve been blessed with."


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