Leisse Wilcox is the Michael Jordan of executive life and confidence coaching

Leisse wilcox | strategic business coach 

I work with leaders and teams navigating chaos and change, offering practical tools to create a happier, more efficient workplace that people love to be in.


If you're a high-achiever feeling like you’ve done everything right, checked off all the boxes, climbed all the ladders hitting hit milestone after milestone - but it still doesn’t feel like it’s “supposed to” - you’re in the right place. 

The reality is that everyone is self-sabotaging in some area of their life

Especially in their cornerstone relationships of work, communication, family, and success. 


As an Emotional Intelligence (EI) Expert who turns self-sabotage into success in each of those foundational areas, I combine the best of strategic business coaching and therapeutic life coaching tools to help you make, keep, and enjoy your money, all on a results-focused and accelerated timeline.


Together we focus on strategic long term results with practical short-term actions and tools so you can win at work, wealth, and life right now.


As an international speaker, coach, podcast host, and twice best-selling author, I am the EI ninja you want in your corner to shake up workplace efficiency by putting people first - using practical and results-focused strategies for improving communication, emotional health, and resilience - to create workplaces people love to be in.


The end goal?


To elevate your life and work satisfaction, self-advocacy, communication, productivity, and outlook: I offer bespoke strategies for leaders and teams to help you navigate professional stressors, while simultaneously cultivating presence, focus, and empathy.


The outcome is not only improved professional performance and well-being but also enhanced interpersonal relationships and team engagement.


Consider me your secret weapon in mastering clarity, confidence, and communication in each of the keystone areas of your life. Let's work together to redefine what “enough” looks and feels like for you specifically, improve your communication skills, and get you where you truly aspire to be. 

 Ready to elevate your leadership game?

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